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Ultralight Aviation covers a wide variety of recreational activities from single engine flight to free gliding.

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Ultralights For Sale

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Interested in Purchasing an Ultralight?

When looking at purchasing an ultralight, there is a large amount of options to consider. Whilst many people do not think of them, hang-gliders are an excellent start for enthusiasts. They provide an awesome entertainment value, relative ease of use, and a perfect introduction to ultralights. Many people however, prefer a motorized version of travel for extended flights. This is conducive to a trike or 3 wheeled-ultralight. It often has a single propeller to allow for short leisure flights. This type of flight requires the training that only an ultralight instructor can provide.

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Looking to learn?

Specialty training rates have been set for new students!

  • Introductory lesson: $35.00- half hour
  • Program Flying Lessons: $75.00 per hour
  • Ground School (required): $150 approx. 4 hrs

Steps Required to become a certified trainer

  • Minimum of 10 hrs of flying instruction
  • Minimum of 3 hrs of supervised solo
  • Minimum of 25 take-offs and landings
  • Pass ASC Pilot Written Test

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